About Us

Shield – Multi Field Security was founded in 2002. The company specializes in multi-disciplinary security. We have attained considerable success with our unique security concepts and with our security guards and highly selected operational security dogs. We also employ advanced technological means to accomplish our missions. Shield – Multi Field Security works in close coordination with various security forces when needed.


Shield – Multi Field Security deals in multiple activities:

  • Security of communities
  • Security of various forms of agriculture as well as open areas
  • Security of enclosures, industrial enterprises and industrial complexes
  • Detection of explosives, weapons and unexploded ordinances
  • Personal security for individuals as well as groups
  • Search and recovery of missing persons

"Shield - Dogs for humanity" a humanitarian aspect of our organization works with at-risk populations and with people with disabilities.
The company was founded by two veterans of the Elite Operational dog unit of the Israeli Army, Sefi Sahar and Oz Cohen.