What we do

Shield - Multi Field Security specializes in providing solutions to difficult assignments in places where others have failed. Shield - Multi Field Security often takes on projects where other companies or public agencies were not able to succeed.


Shield - Multi Field Security never failed a mission.


  • Shield - Multi Field Security is the security company which has the greatest number of interceptions of suspects caught in the act of committing a crime in Israel (over 300 interceptions in different areas).
  • Shield - Multi Field Security is also a security company which deals in detection of explosives through the use of explosive detection dogs. Once again we have achieved the greatest number detections of explosives and weapons in Israel (tens of detections).
  • Shield - Multi Field Security trains and maintains approximately 30 dogs that specialize in defense/attack, search and rescue of missing persons, and explosives detection.
  • Safety and security are the principle guiding values of Shield - Multi Field Security. In all of our activities these values are maintained to the highest standards.