Who we are

The company was founded by two veterans of the Elite Operational Israeli Army dog unit "Oketz".
Sefi Sahar and Oz Cohen.


Sefi Sahar served with distinction in "Oketz" for over 5 years in Lebanon and Gaza. He commanded many teams and developed a variety of new unit tactics and activities which are still being used today, saving lives in the front lines of the IDF. Sefi has been awarded many official recognitions of appreciation for saving lives and extreme courage under fire.

Oz Cohen served with distinction in "Oketz" for three years in Lebanon and Gaza, as a fighter and commander and was responsible for building new team units. Today Oz trains and coaches protection and rescue dogs, with an organization that was the base unit of "Oketz". Oz is also a graduate of the elite and unique Israeli Defense Ministry course for security and body guards.


The "Oketz" Unit (Hebrew: "עוקץ‎") is the special canine force of the Israeli Army. In this unit dogs are trained for military operations. With this highly specialized training each dog develops particular abilities to handle a variety of missions.There are attack dogs for both urban and rural areas as well as dogs specialized in tracking. The "Oketz" dogs help in manhunts and detect border breaches. Other dogs are specialized in finding explosives and ammunitions and to rescue people in difficult to reach places and damaged buildings. Due to their variety of special skills, the "Oketz" dogs are assigned a variety of missions and supportive tasks to help out other units when needed.